About connie|m

Property Advisory Sydney

Hi there, I’m Connie. As a buyer’s agent, my story isn’t just about bricks, beams, or contracts – it’s about passion, persistence, and a promise to help you find the canvas for your life’s memories.

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My Journey

My journey began with a career in corporate leadership, where I developed my leadership skills and interest in advertising and marketing. However, my passion for architecture was reignited by a family friend who was an architect. Despite facing challenges, including my daughter’s heart condition, I pursued my dream and learned the foundations of architecture through an apprenticeship with my mentor.

Suddenly, I was learning hands-on, on-site, with a master of the craft. I absorbed everything I could about architecture, property development, and creating spaces that uplifted people’s lives.

Why I Became a Buyer's Agent

I was introduced to buyer’s agents after gaining experience in the property and design fields. At that moment, everything clicked together. I realised I could combine my creative eye with my knack for business to help clients manifest their property dreams.
Nothing gives me more satisfaction than the look on a client’s face when we find their perfect oasis. The home that’s not just four walls and a roof, but the backdrop for their lives.

My aim is to get to know your hopes and needs on a personal level. Then, provide coaching and expertise to find a home or investment property that truly fits your family’s lifestyle and vision for the future.

My Holistic, Client-Focused Approach

I bring a unique perspective combining my architecture and real estate backgrounds. I’m adept at foreseeing potential challenges and opportunities, always prioritising your best interests.
For example, I organised an excursion day for a client to give him an overview of where he was moving. Each client is unique, so I tailor my approach to your situation. Here are a few key elements about how I work:

Getting to the Heart of What You Want

Beyond bedrooms and bathrooms, I dig into your lifestyle, relationships, budget, and emotional and future goals. The joy comes from finding a meaningful match because sometimes, what you want is not what you’re looking for. 

Leveraging My Design Expertise

With decades of experience, I see possibilities where others don’t. I provide tips to maximise livability, accessibility, and value in your potential property.

Guidance from Start to Finish

I’m by your side at every step, taking the stress out of contracts, mortgages, and paperwork. I demystify the buying process so you can focus on the joy of your new chapter ahead.

Creative Negotiating Abilities

I don’t want you to spend your money just for the sake of spending your money. I’ve saved clients hundreds of thousands by thinking outside-the-box negotiation strategies. I keep your end goals in mind to get the optimal deal.

Overseeing Renovations

If renovations are part of your vision, I can suggest changes to make your home as functional and beautiful as possible. I have trusted contacts to bring your dreams to life.

Local Expert

I’ll tap into my connections to find off-market gems and upcoming neighbourhood opportunities. I’ll leverage my networks to uncover properties other buyers can only dream of. You can also visit my recommendations for places and shops to visit while you become familiar with your new surroundings.

Ready To Begin Your Journey?

Buying property can be emotional. I’m here to support you with care and expertise every step of the way.
Reach out now to start your journey! This could be the first step to the home you’ve always envisioned.
Let’s chat over a coffee about how I can help turn house hunting into a fun and rewarding experience. You deserve to love where you live!