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Comprehensive property buying services

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We help as much or as little as you need

A Buyer’s Agent or Buyer’s advocate is the opposite of a real estate selling agent and offers very different services that make buying property easy.

You can choose from our x3 options the extent to which you want to engage our Buyers Advisory Services.

Option 1

Full Comprehensive Property Search

Navigating the real estate market can be daunting, stressful, time-consuming and expensive. This is our most popular end-to-end service that saves our clients the most time, money and stress.

We locate the best off-market, pre-market and on-market properties at the best prices.

Analyse, research, search, evaluate and negotiate everything for you, right up to settlement.

Include introductions to financial institutions, solicitors and conveyancers.

Arrange building and pest inspections and professional evaluations.

Consult for design and property improvement/construction.

Bid at auctions and conduct pre-settlement inspections.

Arrange for property taxation depreciation.

Option 2

Appraise and Negotiate Only

You find it, we appraise it, and then we acquire it for you! This is perfect for the buyers who prefer to locate their preferred property but want us to independently appraise it and negotiate the terms of the purchase.

Option 3

Bidding at Auction Only

Engaging us to appraise the property and bid of your behalf – removing the emotion from the process to ensure the best financial outcome.

Our Process

How a Buyer’s Agent works

First we meet with you, listen to your needs and clarify where you ultimately want to be with your property journey. We answer all your questions, including recommending reputable mortgage brokers or other professionals.


Clarify Property Requirements


Align Buyer’s Goals and Expectations


Deliver Expert Advice & Guidance

Educate our client about the suburbs where they are interested in buying, to ensure it meets their requirements and expectations.


Guide of Area, Growth Potential, Rental Returns


Amenities & Transport


Local School Research

Upon engagement, we search for off-market, pre-market, and on-market properties by contacting agents in the areas of interest. We present you with a shortlist, based on your brief and our 20 plus years of design experience in property improvement. We also assist with Due Diligence on the properties.


Property Research


Property Shortlist


Due Diligence Assistance

Once we have a shortlist, we arrange to see the properties. We arrange for relevant reports and contracts to be reviewed. You are able to inspect as many or as few properties as you wish. Video ‘walk-throughs’ are also provided.


Inspect & Review Properties


Contract, Strata, & Pest & Building Reports


Video ‘walk-throughs’

Minimise Costs

Upon finding your ideal property, we use our expert negotiation power to agree on a price based on report results and a pre-approved budget. If engaged for an auction, we take the emotion out of bidding. Our experience at auctions will ensure the best financial outcome.


Acquisition Strategy


Negotiate on Price


Bid at Auction

Once your offer has been accepted by the vendor, we guide you through the whole exchange and settlement process -including the pre-settlement inspection.


Liaise with Other Professionals (e.g. legal)


Contract Exchange


Pre-settlement Inspection

Why use a Buyer’s Agent?

To off-market and pre-market properties

Saving you money with our expertise

Find your property a lot faster

Making transitions to new suburbs/areas seamless

Offer discretion throughout property transactions

Objective & professional advice & expertise

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