Vendor Advocacy

A trusted guide when selling your home

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This service has no additional cost for people who want to sell a currently owned property.

A vendor advocate guides the sale of your property. At connie|m we listen to what you want to achieve and take the steps to achieve your optimal outcome.

Our services include

Finding the right selling agent for your particular home

Coming back with a shortlist of agents for a final decision

Negotiating the lowest possible sales commission the selling agent is charging for their work

Reviewing the marketing plan and budget for your specific property journey

Monitoring the selected selling agent’s performance and diligently review the sales campaign

Communicating with you on a regular basis with progress updates and recommendations

Why assess for property improvement?

Paid by the selling agent of your property. We share the sales commission with the selling agent.

Guide your entire campaign & act as your representative in dealing with the selling agent.

Extensive & objective property report with unbiased feedback.

Continual updates on your campaign’s progress.

From selecting the right agent through to settlement. We’ve got you covered.

Our Process

How a Vendor Advocate helps

First you make an appointment with us so we can evaluate what you need and want to achieve in selling your current property. Should this require other professional services (e.g. legal, financial, trades for property improvement), then we organise this for you too.


Property Goals & Financial Ideals


Property Improvement Recommendations


Expert Guidance & Advice

If required, connie|m can do a design appraisal and cost out what changes could be made to your property to increase its value -without overcapitalising the property. Unlike selling agents’ advice, connie|m is unbiased and has over 20 years experience in design to back the appraisals.


Maximise Sale Price


Design Consultation


Property Improvement Recommendations

connie|m independently assesses your property’s value using accurate comparables to provide you with a realistic and accurate estimation of your property’s worth from the start.


Market Research & Analysis


Unbiased Property Assessment


Realistic Appraisal of Property Value

When the time comes to choose a selling agent, we’ll search for the best agent to represent your property to get you the maximum price.


Selling Agent Selection


Negotiate Sales Agent Commission


Minimise Costs

Upon selecting a selling agent, we work with them. We can independently review the marketing and process of selling your property, working with the selling agent to optimise the outcome.


Independent Review


Unbiased, Expert, Second Opinion


Maximise Sales Price

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