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We offer property improvement advice that saves you time, money and stress by looking at the property holistically.

We analyse what you want and then evaluate what you really need to start or continue your property journey. By cross-referencing your wish list with your budget, we then use our design, building and construction expertise and network to determine how to save you money and achieve your property goals.

We advise improvements and designs that continue to add value to your property. We can also recommend a team to take over any projects that the property may require to increase the property value in a way that you are not over-capitalising in the market. This way your property can be assured that it remains competitive in the market and always ready as equity whenever you may require.

Our services include

Architecture & Design Consultation

Tradespeople Recommendations

Building Suppliers

Supplier & Trades Discounts

Soft Furnishings

Australians Working and/or Living Overseas

Home Modification

Practical and Stylish Re-modelling


Why assess for property improvement?

Our Process

How we help with Property Improvements

As a vendor advocate, we would be looking at how we can upsell your property without over-capitalising. As a buyer’s agent, we would be investing in a property that has the renovation potential to become your dream home (whilst remaining in budget).

Initial Design Consultation

Construction & Building Advice

Property Improvement Road-map

Once you have engaged the right tradespeople for your project, connie|m offers a colour and design consultation. This includes exclusive access to discounts on furnishings, fixtures, and fittings from our various suppliers and networks.

Colour & Design Consultation

Exclusive Discounts

Increase Property Value

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